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News » Robert Gordon is rejected by English fans

Robert Gordon is rejected by English fans

24 February 2009
The team of fans, who has been working hard for Robert Gordon past four years - arranging shows, making promotion and keeping his website alive - gave up. Arjan, Marianne and Finn decided to share with us some facts of truth about Robert Gordon.

"When we started booking Robert, we were all huge fans… so we did everything we could to make things work for him. We even brought him back together with Chris Spedding and a good band, and we arranged about a dozen full tours for him (100+ shows).

Robert's behaviour was a problem right from the start… heavy drinking, nasty behaviour, unprofessional attitude, disloyalty… When we started, there were about 300 fans coming to each show, by now it's just 30/40 persons coming to most shows, even on a saturday night and even with good promotion. Robert can only blame himself for this. I arranged a tour in support of the Elvis album last year, and the attendances were just embarrassing. Since Rykodisc had done a lot of promotion in the U.K. especially, we arranged four show there, but the average attendance was only about 45 persons per show. Needless to say that the album also was a collossal flop. And Robert can only blame himself for this.

There have been shows where Robert was incredibly rude to promoters and argued with them (like in England and in Sweden), shows where he was incredibly drunk on stage and almost couldn't perform (a.o. Denmark), shows where he slagged off bandmembers, and even situations where he tried to steal more Vodka from the bar at the venue, like at Euro Disney where he is now blacklisted (note: he always gets one bottle of Vodka at each show as per the rider, but apparently that's not enough for him). We realize that the above is rather serious, but anybody is welcome to check it. Just contact promoters like Willie Jefferys in the U.K., and they will tell you the facts.

The only reason that we did this for 4 years is that we have always loved his music, but Robert Gordon is impossible to deal with, a horrible man with a rotten attitude… he has really ruined it for himself."
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