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News » New band of Cari Lee

New band of Cari Lee

05 February 2009
While still occasionally performing with The Contenders (Early Rock n' Roll and Rockabilly)Cari Lee has also joined forces with the jazz combo, JP & The Rhythm Chasers, the band whose style is deeply rooted in Chicago hot jazz, small band swing & rhythm & blues.

JP & The Rhythm Chasers are: Joshua Perkins on guitar and vocals, Erick Perkins on stand-up bass, Doug Ellington (Duke's grand nephew) on trumpet, Jason Bellenkes on clarinet and tenor sax, Darius Minae and Mike Burns sharing drumming duty and for special shows Marty Eggers on piano.
Recently, Cari Lee has joined the band. Cari Lee brings her Contenders (Jump) and Saddle-ites (Jazz) sounds to mix with The Rhythm Chasers swing.

For more info check JP & The Rhythm Chasers Website
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