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News » Voodoo Rhythm Records is about to be closed

Voodoo Rhythm Records is about to be closed

30 January 2009
Voodoo Rhythm Records is in a big troubles. Even though they are saying that they have treated bands very fairly and have given them their records for cost price, the SUISA (Copyright Company, musicians' union) doesn't believe anything of it unless it is in writing. So it demands payback of a total of 42.500 Swiss Franks (roughly 38.000 US $). Basically they want money for productions that had long been settled. The bitter irony is that bands of course prefer free copies of their album, yet the Suisa is oblivious to this fact and demand the money within 30 days.
So if Voodoo Rhythm Records cannot meet their demands they might have to shut down business, since it is completely impossible to raise that kind of money.
So therefore they kindly ask for your support. "Even if we can pay we will not be able to offer the bands the same deal as before, in spite of the fact that they would much rather get free copies from us as opposed to Suisa money (especially American bands since they don't get any Suisa money at all). We hope you can help us. We don't want to quit, we want to resume or work and our journey".

For contact go to Voodoo Rhythm Records website

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