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News » Noise control - no more live music in UK

Noise control - no more live music in UK

21 January 2009
It has been brought to attention that new noise legislation is about to be introduced that is likely to virtually destroy live music in the UK.

The government wish to consider it a legal requirement in the new tax year to introduce laws insisting anyone applying or re-applying for an entertainment licence must have a noise control device fitted to the venue.

This will be the final nail in the coffin for pretty much ALL entertainment in the UK as the level at which these devices cut the power off is ridiculously low.

Any venue that has one in use cannot have any electric music as the power is constantly being cut mid-song - and even loud applause at the end of a song can cut it.

Venues are suffering enough as it is without being forced to go to the expense of fitting one of these damned things.

Noise limiters are a menace to live music, and probably this is the bright idea of some unelected suit in Brussels that's never been to a gig in their life.

For those who disagree there is petition here:
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