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News » Nekromantix lost their drummer - RIP Andy Martinez

Nekromantix lost their drummer - RIP Andy Martinez

13 January 2009
Andy, who played drums for the Psychobilly/Rockabilly/Punk band Nekromantix(hellcat/epitaph records), passed away yesterday morning.

"Two died at the scene early Sunday morning in Fullerton when the driver of this vehicle lost control, hit a tree and burst into flames. The driver and another passenger fled the scene acording to CHP Sgt. Paul Pines, at left, who was investigating the 4:40 am incident. According to Pines, the vehicle which ignited a grove of eucalyptus trees, was so badly twisted and shreadded it was barely recognizable as a vintage Chevy Nova. Said Pines, "I've never seen a car like this. As for the condition of the car and people in it, pretty bad."

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