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News » Branson TV Show features Johnny Cash’s Tennessee Three

Branson TV Show features Johnny Cash’s Tennessee Three

12 January 2009
“Johnny Cash’s Tennessee Three” will be featured on the award winning “Gene Williams Show” to be telecast on Jan. 17 and 18. The show is taped live in Branson, Missouri, is hosted by Gene Williams, co hosted by Katie Lynn, and is telecast across the nation to more than 60 million homes and can also be seen in Puerto Rico and Canada.

In a recent announcement about the show Williams said, “It was a challenge getting Johnny Cash’s Tennessee Three’s appearances on two of my shows condensed into just one for this special series.” Williams spoke of the groups resurging popularity because of the movie, “Walk the Line.”

Williams states he grew of with Johnny Cash in Dyess, AR and worked in country music with Cash himself. Williams points out that his friends, guitarist Bob Wootton and WS Holland on drums are the longest standing members of the Johnny Cash’s band and are carryin on a tradition they starded more than 40 years ago.
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