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News » First Russian rock'n'roll movie

First Russian rock'n'roll movie

02 January 2009
First rock'n'roll movie appeared on Russian screen on the 24th of December, 2008. It is called "Stilyagi" ("Swing Kids"), but it also has another festival name - "Boogie Bones".

It is not really a historically true story, but the way Russians see the culture of 1950's and rock'n'roll in combination with Russian regime. That makes it even more funny, interesting and exciting. The main character is Mals, who leads a "right" life and follows all the rules to be a good guy... until one day he faces another world with crazy music and rebellious teenagers. And then everything follows in its sequence: music, love, danger..

In some words, this movie is cool, sexy and fun, it's full of colorful costumes and has a soundtrack you can't help tapping your feet to.

And one more news, now Russian musical "Boogie Bones" is treading the boards at AFM in its first international sales outing!
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