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Robert Gordon News

10 July 2008
Robert Gordon is a busy man these days. Following the success of the recent Elvis album, he will be back in the studio in July for a back-to-the-basics, tough rock ‘n’ roll record, in the spirit of his early RCA albums. His musical partner and close friend Chris Spedding will be playing on the album, as well as Detroit session- drummer Todd Glass and renowned Helsinki slapbass player Lasse Sirkko.

Gordon will be using the same band, which he usually refers to as his “A Team”, for two special concerts in Germany; at the FZW in Dortmund on July 11th and at the Kulturfabrik in Kassel in July 12th. “I’ve always enjoyed performing in Germany”, he says. “I used to play there often. The last time I played there was in 2002. That was in Berlin. I look forward to performing in Dortmund and in Kassel since I haven’t been in that part of the country since the early 90s”.

They will also be appearing at the Americana Festival in Newark (U.K.) on July 13th. “I am really looking forward to playing in the U.K. this time around”, Robert says. “I love performing in front of large audiences. ‘Huge’ would be a better way to describe the audience expected at this ‘Americana’ Festival. At least 60,000 I believe. See you there!”.
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