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News » Alleycats in the Netherlands

Alleycats in the Netherlands

07 June 2008
The Alleycats have got a great weekend lined up in the Netherlands for July 2008.
These are the sort of fun gigs they really look forward to.
On Fri 11th July the Alleycats play Studio 62 in Den Helder, along with Danish rockabilly band, the Poor Boys. Den Helder is a port high up on the Dutch coast, not far from Haarlem. Studio 62 is quite a large venue, capacity 250.
The following day, Sat 12th July, both bands travel inwards, past Amsterdam, to a village called Giethoorn. Giethoorn is sometimes described as the "Venice Of Holland" as it's built around a maze of canals. Some houses have no road access at all! This picturesque place holds a couple of annual music festivals, one of them being Rock Around Giethoorn. One evening each year half a dozen rockin' bands play in the various bars around town.
This year the bands are the Poor Boys (Denmark), Cherry Casino & the Gamblers (Germany), Jungle Tigers (Spain), Channel Red (Netherlands), Moonshine Reunion (Belgium) & the Alleycats from the UK.
Then on Sun 13th July, to round off the festival, the Alleycats get to play an afternoon outdoor concert in Giethoorn.
So anyone fancy going Dutch for the weekend?
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