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News » Robert Gordon: 61 candles

Robert Gordon: 61 candles

30 March 2008
As Robert Gordon celebrates his 61st birthday today, the thought of retirement is still far from his mind: "Man, are you kidding? I'm feeling great and my voice is better than ever. Besides, performing is my whole life - I really can't imagine ever quitting this business", he says. Robert will be doing several shows in Norway and in Finland together with the Marco
DiMaggio band, and he's very excited about that: "I always have a lot of fun on the road with those guys. The bassplayer, Matteo, is a riot - he really kills me every time with his Bee Gees impersonation!".
Robert also has some shows coming up in May and July together with Chris Spedding, and in October with the Redhots from Finland (for booking info or birthday greetings just write to But right now, our birthday boy has a busy day ahead of him: "My grandchildren are in town for the weekend. I'll really need their help to blow out that many candles!".

(Photo: Robert Gordon and Frankie Ford)

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