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News » Billy Lee Riley back home from the hospital

Billy Lee Riley back home from the hospital

09 March 2008
In the end of February Billy Lee Riley has had a really bad heart attack. He was in a Little Rock hospital for a hip operation, and had the attack while he was there. He had five arteries blocked, four at 97% blockage, and one a little less. After the heart operation, fluid began to build up in his chest cavity, and a blood clot developed, so they had to open him up again and fix that. They've had him on ventilation and, luckyly, the next day the doctor said his heart is working like it's supposed to. However, he's had three major operations in the past week, and with the hip operation, he can't walk, because he has to put pressure on his arms and chest, which isn't good for the heart operation.
But yesterday Billy Lee Riley is out of the Hospital and now home resting. So soon you will see him rockin' and rollin' again!
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