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News » Two CD's of Eddie Cochran are realeased at Bim Bam Records

Two CD's of Eddie Cochran are realeased at Bim Bam Records

09 March 2008
Last news from Eddie Cochran connection - two CD's of Eddie are realeased at English Bib Bam Records!

(48 tracks from 5 different shoes, Studio TV Party 1957, Ampol Radio Show 1957, Town Hall Party Show 1959, Boy Meets Girls Shows x 5 dates in 1960, Parade Of The Pops 1960 and a home recording from 1959. Songs include: Sittin' In The Balcony, Twenty Flight Rock, Whole Lotta Shakin', C'Mon Everybody, School Day, Somethin' Else, Money Honey, Milk Cow Blues, Sweet Little 16, High Hopes)

(25 tracks from various country artists featuring Eddie as vocalist, instrumentalist and session guitarist: all tracks were recorded between the years 1954 - 1956. Artists include: Chuck Foreman, Don Deal, Hank Hammer, Jerry Capehart, Hank Cochran, The Cochran Brothers, Jess Willard and Tom Forse. Songs featured include: Hearts Of Stone, Candy Kisses, The High Sign, Down Down Down, Pedal-Pushin' Baby, Mr Fiddle, Walkin' Stick Boogie, Rollin' Latch On, Rockin' & Flyin' x 2, I'm Ready, Patent Pending, Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk, Steelin' The Blues)
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