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News » Deke Dickerson's Guitar Geek Festival #5

Deke Dickerson's Guitar Geek Festival #5

05 December 2007
Here's first warning on a big shindig happening on January 19th with The Collins Kids first return to the Los Angeles area since a show at the Palomino in 1993, and before that not for decades!

The best guitar festival in the entire world Deke Dickerson's Guitar Geek Festival #5 will take place next yera on Januray 19th at the Jolly Roger Hotel Ballrom (Anaheim, CA).

Featuring your host and MC Deke Dickerson


THE COLLINS KIDS - LARRY AND LORRIE! Straight from the stage of "Town Hall Party" we present Larry and Lorrie Collins, in their first Southern California appearance in 15 years, and their first show in Anaheim in decades! Singing their big hits such as "Mercy," "Rock Boppin' Baby," "Let's Have A Party," "Whistle Bait" and others, the show also includes Larry Collins playing the snot out of his double-necked Mosrite on such tunes as "Rockin' Gypsy" and "Hurricane!"
Larry and Lorrie never fail to put on an amazing show, and this will make the most exciting Guitar Geek Festival headlining act

Johnson! Many remember Teisco Del Rey as the columnist for Guitar Player magazine for many years. Many more remember Teisco Del Rey from his astounding instrumental albums, where he tackled everything from surf to soul, channeling the spirit of Duane Eddy. Even more will remember him as the only man to seriously play the "Guitorgan" in the last 3 decades! All this and more will be revealed in Teisco Del Rey's first ever Southern California live appearance, with an all-star band featuring Paul Johnson of the Bel-Airs (who came and rocked
his song "Mr. Moto" at last year's fest!) and Pete Curry of the
Halibuts and Los Straitjackets! A set not to be missed.

DEKE DICKERSON & CRAZY JOE - TWIN GUITAR SPECIAL! Your host team up with the King of Nerd-A-Billy from Enon, Ohio in a special set of guitar duets! Don't think this will be two guys sitting down with a couple of acoustic guitars though -this promises to be extreme and dangerous!

attempt to see how many Mosrite doubleneck players we can fit onto the bill, we bring back the perennial favorite Brian Lonbeck of Bakersfield to tear down the house with more Maphis-inspired mayhem!

MAESTRO ALEX GREGORY - MAESTRO OF THE HEAVY METAL MANDOLIN! If you haven't heard of this guy go to the internet and look up his name. What you see is hard to believe with your own eyes! English born Gregory was given the title "Maestro" by the H.M. Queen Elizabeth government in 1983. After years of studying classical music, he entered the field of rock music, where he has mastered such inventions as the 7-string guitar (Gregory holds two patents on the 7-string guitar!) and finally the electric mandolin. His last CD shows Gregory holding an electric mandolin while urinating on the graves of Steve Vai and Yngvie Malmsteen! We think this will make for an
interesting set!

playing around Southern California for the last three decades, first as a founding member of the Mighty Flyers with Rod Piazza, after which Junior did a ten-year stint with Canned Heat. Since then he's played with just about everybody in the blues world, and has amassed a cult following as the blues cat with "The Tone!!!!"

THE "ALL-BIGSBY BAND!" - FEATURING JEREMY WAKEFIELD & T.K. SMITH! It is rare to see an instrument made by Paul A. Bigsby, inventor of the Bigsby vibrato. Many people know that Bigsby was an important instrument maker who invented the first modern solidbody electric guitar for Merle Travis, but many people have never seen one of these instruments in person! For one evening there will be a band on stage playing exclusively instruments made by Bigsby. The band will be led
by festival stalwarts Jeremy "J.W." Wakefield on steel guitar and "T.K." Smith on electric guitar, along with a slew of other older and younger players - all living Bigsby owners have been invited to participate! This will be a photo opportunity never to be repeated ever again! Several vintage guitar dealers have already been rushed to the hospital!

LESTER PEABODY WITH SPECIAL GUEST MARTI BROM! Hailing from Finland, Lester Peabody is a double threat to be reckoned with--not only as a great Chet-styled finger-picker on the guitar, but also as a great steel guitar player as well! Bonus for all the lonely guitar fans will be an appearance by sultry-voiced Texas singer Marti Brom, who will sing a number or two with Lester on his great set!

JAMES CALVIN WILSEY - THE GUITAR BEHIND CHRIS ISAAK! Jimmy Wilsey has an impressive resume, not only is he the guitarist who played on Chris Isaak's breakout hit "Wicked Game," with it's haunting atmospheric guitar parts--he was also in the seminal punk band The Avengers, who can say they actually shared a bill with the Sex Pistols, at their very last show at the Cow Palace in San Francisco in 1978! Jimmy Wilsey has a brand new band called "Wilsey" with a new album out, and they will be showcasing their exciting brand of tunes at the Guitar Geek Festival!

OPENING SET - BREAKOUT TALENT SHOWCASE! The most difficult thing about putting together the Guitar Geek Festival each year is that there are so much phenomenal talent and not enough time on the festival to get everybody involved, so this year there is going to be a bunch of great guitarists open the show with one tune each to get the evening rolling! Guaranteed you'll want to be there from the opening bell as these guitarists are every bit as talented as our featured acts!

All ages! Full bar available! Booths from Hallmark, TNM Custom and more! Deke's Amazing Guitar Museum with a special Bigsby exhibit!
DJ Dan Moses! Guitar Raffle courtesy Fender/Gretsch guitars!

Buy advance tickets at www.guitargeekfesti or
www.dekedickerson. com
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