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Don Woody

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I am excited to announce that I'm going to participate in "The Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend #19" on April 16th 2016. Will be performing "Bird-Dog, Morse Code, Make like a tree and leaf" and of course Barking up the Wrong Tree. Also on the "Original Stars of Rockabilly" some really great singers. Lew Williams, Billy Harlan and Sleepy Le Beef. It's a really cool weekend with many many acts performing. I'm honored to be there. Check it out at Viva Las Vegas Website.

Recently I had a fun radio interview. On the BBC from London, broadcaster Jo Good devotes one hour of her show on Thursday afternoon to Dogs. It's called "The Barking Hour" Interesting stories, and many good tips on doggy care. Sometimes she plays " Bird-dog" and "Barking up the Wrong Tree" on her show. They called one day and talked with me, it was fun and I think a great concept for a show. You can check it out on BBC Website.

Also, wanted to let everyone know that my wife and I have moved to Austin Texas, a really great city for music.

I continue to be amazed at how receptive rockabilly fans are to my music after all these years, it a great thrill for me to be on stage and have everyone singing along. Next year when I am in Vegas, it will be the 60th year anniversary of when I went to Nashville to record these songs for Decca Records.

Thank so much!

Don Woody
September 2015

After attending college Don Woody became a disc jockey at local nightclubs (in Springfield. Mo). Soon he met an agent who signed him up on the "Ozark Jubilee" to do the "warm-up" for the audience just before the show went on the air…

During the summer tour with Bill Wimberley's "Western Swing Band" in the mid-west Don Woody wrote some songs with his partner Paul Simmons and they made some demos.

As a result of hearing those demos Decca records signed Don to a contract. When he went to Nashville to record, Grady Martin and the "Slewfoot Five" were the band for his records. Don Woody recorded four songs at the Bradley Film & Recording Studio:

  • Barking up the wrong tree
  • Bird dog
  • Make like rock'n'roll
  • Morse code

    But only first two were released by Decca at the time and even though "Bird Dog" sold pretty well, Decca couldn't be persuaded to renew Woody's contract. Woody cut another session for Arco in 1958.

  • Not I
  • Red blooded American boy

    Unfortunately Don Woody did not sustain a career in music. He joined trading company Sears-Roebuck and managed a store in Dallas, Texas. Now retired and living in San Antonio.

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    To read the interviews (from 2006, 2003 and 1976) of Don Woody HERE

  • In 1976 the British band "Matchbox" covered "Make like rock'n'roll" on their first album "Riders in the Sky". So we can see and hear that Woody's songs are still being played by many well known as well as unknown and obscure rockabilly bands around the world. Here (in the "Cover List") you can find Don Woody cover songs, which are/were performed by such bands as :

  • Annita (NL)
  • Bigsby's Howlin Coyotes (NL)
  • Black Knights (SWE)
  • Flatfoot Shakers, the (AUS)
  • Goin' Ape (NOR)
  • Hot'n'Cold (GER)
  • Jive Bombers (USA)
  • Jumpin' Wheels, the (EST)

  • Matchbox (UK)
  • Moot The Hoople
  • Phantom 409 (FIN)
  • Red Shots (NL)
  • Restless (UK)
  • Riot Rockers (UK)
  • Rock Island Line (UK)
  • Sugar Ray Ford (UK)
  • and others . . .