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Wes Pudsey & The Sonic Aces
Date of Publication -21 July 2007
Submitted by: rockabilly_girl
Category: Modern Bands
Country: Australia
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Renowned from Stockholm to Los Angeles as Australia's wildest and most gifted exponents of authentic Rockabilly, Wes Pudsey and the Sonic Aces have, over the course of ten years and more than a thousand live performances, earned themselves a reputation for crafting some of the most memorable anthems to emerge from their native country's independent music scene.

Formed by singer songwriter Wes Pudsey in mid-1997, the four-piece outfit launched such a successful assault on their native Sydney’s premier live music venues, including the Annandale Hotel, the Iron Duke Hotel, and Bar Broadway, that they soon found themselves joining one of the country’s biggest recording acts at the Enmore Theatre. Opening for You Am I in August, 1997, the Sonic Aces’ exhilarating music and performance had the audience of 3000 plus howling for more.

Since those early days, Wes and the Aces have performed extensively all along the east coast of their homeland, as well as tours abroad in Europe and New Zealand following the success of their albums in those overseas markets. At home, they have toured with a variety of visiting overseas acts, including Southern Culture on the Skids, Restless, The Space Cadets, Stan Perkins, the son of legendary Rockabilly Pioneer Carl Perkins, The Go Getters, Slim Jim Phantom and Wanda Jackson.

Following the 1999 release of the group's ground-breaking debut album My Baby Rocks Like Betty Page, with its acclaimed singles My Baby Looks Like Betty Page and Maybe, four Sonic Aces numbers were featured on the Preston Records compilation Preston Rockabilly at the end of that year. Like its predecessors, Wes and the Aces' album release for 2005 There's Gonna Be A Rumble continued to showcase the songwriting and performance skills that have earned the band a name as one of the world's hottest roots music acts.

This year will again see the formidable talents of guitarist Robert Taylor, slap bassist Dean Upston and drummer Bruce “Bruiser” Dunlop thrill audiences across the nation and beyond as Wes Pudsey and the Sonic Aces embark on their largest touring schedule yet. From Sydney to Melbourne, Adelaide to Perth, Paris to Berlin, this dynamic combo will be rocking a town near you in the not too distant future.

Singer/Songwriter Wes Pudsey began his musical career with country rock group Tennessee Thunder back in 1990. Since then, his amazing multi-octave vocal range and dynamic stage presence have led acts like the now legendary Rockabilly group The Atomic Creepers, popular punk outfit Johnny Bonehead, and seminal jump blues and swing combo The Radium Club Hepsters.
As the principal composer and architect of the Sonic Aces and jump blues favourites The Hollywood Hombres, Wes has become renowned for his electric performances both live and recorded.

Guitarist and composer Robert Taylor first picked up a guitar at the age of eight, and was performing at venues across Sydney from the age of thirteen onwards. The six-string virtuoso cut his teeth with indie rock band the Cracksteins and Rockabilly group Dixie Rumble in the mid-90s, during which time he developed his celebrated finger-style playing technique a’ la Chet Atkins and Merle Travis.
Rob’s reputation as a wildman on stage is well deserved: he broke two ribs whilst filming the video for My Baby Rocks Like Betty Page with the Sonic Aces in 1999, and can most often be found leaping off stages and playing on his back in the middle of an audience without missing a note!

Starting his career as a founding member of the Atomic Creepers at the age of seventeen, Dean Upston has established himself as one of Sydney’s most respected roots bass players.
Following his wild tenure with the Atomic Creepers, Dean went on to tour Australia extensively with the acclaimed Buddy Holly tribute show “Buddy’s Back”, as well as contributing his songwriting and performance expertise to late 90’s punk/rockabilly outfit Johnny Bonehead.
Prior to joining the Sonic Aces, Dean formed the popular local group Rock Therapy, and has been the bassist with Jonny Gretsch’s Wasted Ones since early 2000.
Like many young rock drummers, Bruce “Bruiser” Dunlop began performing whilst in high school with a variety of bands. He graduated to working “freelance” throughout Sydney, performing with local and visiting bands including the Hollywood Hombres and Melbourne’s Flatfoot Shakers, before finding the band he had been looking for: the Sonic Aces.
As a thoughtful and creative drummer, Bruce is renowned in his native city as the King of the Dance Beat, a hard-swinging human metronome who is more than adept at lashing out with provocative tom-tom work and hard-driving rhythms on those wild up-tempo rockers as well.

For Booking Information:
Curtis Promotions
PO Box 700
Lane Cove, NSW 1595
Ph +61 425 313 812


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There's Gonna Be A Rumble(2000)
Track Listing:
There's Gonna Be a Rumble - Rock The Square Dance - Come On Little Mama - Worthless - City Limits - Tonight - Sweet Girl - Jitterbuggin' - Crazy Girl - Westside Baby - Wintersands - Pony Express.
My Baby Rocks Like Betty Page(1999)

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Various Artists 'Preston Rockabilly'(1999)
Preston Records
My Baby Looks Like Betty Page

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