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Mars Attacks
Date of Publication -26 June 2007
Submitted by: rockabilly_girl
Category: Modern Bands
Country: Switzerland / Austria
Band/Artist Website:

The band was formed in 1998. In 1999, they released their debut CD/LP
" for your life!"; in 2000, they released "Snatch It & Grab It"
(4-track vinyl EP); in 2003 "Dirty Tricks" (CD/LP) followed by their current
2006 release "Circle of Love" (CD/LP on Blue Lake Records,
Switzerland). Over the years, the boys have been rockin' all over Europe
from France to Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland,
Austria, and Belgium. They've also made appearances at Hemsby Rock´n´Roll
Weekender (England), The Rockabilly Rave (Camber Sands UK), Rockin' 50's
Fest II (Greenbay, WI, USA), Rhythm´ Bound (Los Angeles, CA, USA) backed up SUN Records legend Sonny Burgess, and toured the U.S. from the mid-west to the east coast and west coast.

The band took part in Johnny Cash& June Carter Tribute Special, it´s the Mars Attacks musicians plus singer Barb Clifford from Chicago, Mars Attacks did this special for a big event in Austria/Europe (the rockabilly bombardment ..., and did a package tour together with Mars Attacks and the Cash carter Special in USA this year (from down in Texas up to the Rockin 50's Fest in Green Bay, WI). grab your children, grab your wife, Mars attacks, run for your life!!


Johhny Cash & June Carter tribute show(2007)
Blue Lake Records
Custom Speacial Releases
Circle of Love (CD/LP) (2006)
Blue Lake Records
Dirty Tricks (CD/LP) (2003)
Armadillo records
arcd 005
Snatch It & Grab It (vinyl EP)(2000)
Run For Your Life (CD/LP)(1999)
Armadillo records
arcd 003

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Mars Attacks
Album: Circle Of Love
Song: Leavin' It All Behind


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