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Wolfgang Parker
Date of Publication -26 June 2007
Submitted by: rockabilly_girl
Category: Modern Artists
Country: Germany

Wolfgang Parker cut his teeth in Columbus, Ohio during the mid-nineties Punk explosion that was spearheaded by indy bands like the New Bomb Turks, Gaunt and Pet UFO. He divided the punk scene and became a "love 'em or loathe 'em" staple until late 1997 with release of his debut CD, Hep City Swing. The combination of drummer, James Oberlin’s virtuosity and guitarist, Anthony Yates’s invention, gave Wolfgang Parker the perfect platform to deliver an underground classic. The album marked the payoff of constant gigging and self-promotion as Parker graduated to larger venues and the album was positively embraced by college radio and independent press alike.

The following year, the West Coast Swing Invasion sparked a tidal wave of interest in Wolfgang. He and his band found themselves shoulder-to-shoulder with the hit makers of the day and playing everywhere there was a stage. Unfortunately, the Swing scene became less about musicianship and song craft and more about playing covers for dancers. Water-gulping dancers scorned the Punk Rock fervor and frenzy that the boys brought to the stage and Parker became disenchanted by a scene he had helped create.

In 1999, the change of guitar players, as Anthony Yates stepped down and Alan Mauger settled in, brought creative vision into reality . A new, harder sonic dynamic was formed and in the fall, this energy was captured by producer Frank Aversa (Spin Doctors, Pocket Full of Kryptonite) on Octoboure. This album became a testament of Wolfgang Parker's determination to make Swing a legitimate music genre and not just a gimmicky cartoon of itself. The album captured the explosive passion and fury of those shows that found the band sometimes defying even their own audience.

Fast forward six years and we find Parker reinvigorated by the newfound fan base via and Aaaron Apter taking over the drum throne. The myspace interest culminated in a freshly inked deal with London, England’s Roadstar Records and a forthcoming European release, Room Nineteen, due out in Spring of 2007. Renewed interest in Wolfgang’s music is showing that his vision might have been a little ahead of it's time. With Swing going totally underground again, the sound is finally being appreciated for what was once viewed as fault: innovation. However, time shows bravery and an adventurous spirit are never faults.

Punk-Swing pioneer, Wolfgang Parker and his band have been plying their trade for 12 years, trailblazing a new genre of American music; injecting the slick tricks of ‘30s and ‘40s Swing Jazz into powerhouse Rock ‘n’ Roll. And doing so without a horn section. Forget what you know about “Swing” music…Forget what you know about Rock ‘n’ Roll. A new era dawns!

“People need to realize that there are still barriers to be broken!” Parker says. “I mean, that’s how we ended up with Rock ‘n’ Roll in the first place. My style has never existed before so it is essentially its own genre. It transcends the Swing parameters and pushes the envelope of anything established in the Rock world and it will only continue to grow. Artists like me keep proving that we have not arrived at the end of the line. I know it’s hard to believe when you listen to the radio or watch MTV and you are inundated with an endless procession of copycat artists. But believe me; original music is still possible!”

In those 12 barrier-breaking years, Wolfgang Parker has gone on to appear on a dozens of Swing CD compilations including the famed “Swing This Baby” series from Slimstyle Records, in the independent films, “Bullethead” and “Bottom Feeders” and was even immortalized in “The Swing Book” (1999) by Degen Pener.

Brilliance is difficult to keep hidden and the utilization of the popular web site proved as much. It had become obvious from the CD orders flooding in from around the world and the fanatical reaction of myspacers that time had finally caught up with Wolfgang. Among the messages from newfound supporters was the offer to sign with London based, Roadstar Records. The result of which is the forthcoming full-length release, “Room Nineteen,” a hybrid of Parker’s two previous independent efforts that features as staggering 19 original tracks.

Now is the time for that moment we all wait for from each new release and each new artist. To be electrified by those first few notes. To be taken by storm. To have all that we know about music turned upside down. Brace yourself! Because that moment has arrived!


'Room Nineteen' (CD)(2007)
Roadstar Records
Wolfgang’s oversea debut due out in Spring of 2007! A staggering 19 tracks of original music from the indy releases Hep City Swing and Octoboure. But are unsuspecting Europeans ready for this?! Stay tuned!
'Product' (Cassette)(1999)
Hep City
Product featured the Parker Halloween classic "Are You Hep to the Horror?" (Very Calloway inspired) as well as "Flying Fury (Rea Misterio Theme)" and a live recording of "Ain't the a Kick in the Head". Dean Martin would have been proud of the utterly wasted version of his classic hit. 250 units produced.
'Swing This Baby III' (Various Artists CD)(1999)
Swing comps of all Swing comps featured, what else? "The Mice, The Demons, and The Piggies", of course. Production unknown.
'WCBE: On the Fly' (Various Artists CD)(1998)
Radio station, WCBE 90.5 (NPR, Columbus, Ohio) released CD comps every year of the best on air performances. Wolfgang and his live acoustic "Mice" made it on there. This is the ONLY available recording of Wolfgang Parker acoustic. Great performance! Production unknown.

'The Gift: Homeless Benefit' (Various Artists CD)(1998)
Columbus Coalition for the Homeless
If you can get this one, do it! Smoking rendition of the Elvis Presley classic, "It's Christmas Time Pretty Baby" by Wolf and the boys! A phenomenal recording session. Captures the band at it’s best. 4,000 units manufactured.
'Give Lids' (Various Artists CD)(1998)
Lids chain store
Featured "Four Hours Into Night Time" and was given free with purchase of merchandise through Lids' sport cap shops. 20,000 units manufactured.
'Jump, Jivin' Swing' (Various Artists CD)(1998)
DM Records
Florida based company featured "Sing Baby Swing" on this one. 20,000 units manufactured.
'Hipsters of Swing' (Various Artists CD)(1998)
DM Records
"Big Cat Daddy Blue" was featured on this one. Good Swing comps and Parker was very please with their song requests. 20,000 units manufactured.
'Big Monster Bash #1' (CD Various Artists)(1997)
Sci-Fi Western/Rounder
A Halloween music CD compilation that featured the Hep City Swing version of "The Mice, The Demons, and The Piggies" 1000 units manufactured.
'Puttin' On The Ritz' b/w 'Four Hours Into Night Time' (7" vinyl single)(1996)
Hep City
7" single had first recorded versions of "Puttin' On The Ritz" and "Four Hours Into Night Time.” Pressing of 250 units.
'Wolfgang Parker Collection' (Cassette)(1996)
Hep City
This cassette compiled the material previously released on 7" vinyl as well as the first recording of "Lonely Just Like Me (Mexican Moon)". 250 units manufactured.
'Sing! Sing! Sing!' b/w 'The Mice, The Demons, and The Piggies' (7" Vinyl Single) (1995)
Hep City
Featued second recording of "The Mice, The Demons, and The Piggies" and first recorded version of "Sing! Sing! Sing!" Pressing of only 250 and came with "Wolfgang Parker's Hepster's Dictionary".
'Let Your Heart Slow Down' (Cassette)(1994)
Hep City
Featured first recorded versions of "Let Your Heart Slow Down" and "The Mice, The Demons, and The Piggies" Only 250 produced!
Hep City Swing

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