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Bands » Jancee Pornick Casino, The

Jancee Pornick Casino, The
Date of Publication -12 June 2007
Submitted by: rockabilly_girl
Category: Modern Bands
Country: Germany
Band/Artist Website:
Contacts & Booking E-mail:

Russian-American Surf Federation

Jancee Warnick guitars,vocals
Vladimir Martens bass
Stanislav Torbotrous drums

The story goes:
American guitarplayer Jancee Warnick meets two crazy Russian dudes in his German exile. Together they form one of the strangest and most explosive rock’n roll-bands of our time.
Since 1999 the trio has been living in their tour-van ploughing through Europe on a jagged trail of rock’n roll hardship and blazing success.
Countless gigging in small dives and bigger concert halls (e.g. with DICK DALE, ROYAL CROWN REVUE, RESTLESS, THE KLINGONZ, LES WAMPAS) has gained the band a cultish following.
The PORNICK CASINO dishes up an irresistable (Molotov-) cocktail of SURF MUSIC, ROCKABILLY and 60’S GARAGE yet always being topped off with some vodka-drenched Russian spirit, adrenaline and self-irony.
Jancee’s jack-in-the-box Las-Vegas-on-speed persona tries to crossbreed BRIAN SETZER’s virtuosity with ANGUS YOUNG’s striking force all the while driven by a Sibirian hurricane of Vladimir’s bass balalayka and Stanislav’s drum craze.

„Elvis is the czar of rock’n roll!“
(Superpunk magazine, Madrid, 09/ 2001)

“The Colgne-Texan and his crazy Russian buddies had the audience raving in the Ossendorf penitentiary.”
(WAZ, 04/ 2004)

“…The first chord hits you like a ton of bricks…Hawaiian rock a la Dick Dale, just better, fresher, more creative, From Elvis-, Beatles- and Kinks-sounds…it's all there, but it's all taking place on…Hawaii!”
(Georg Stassen, HR 1 Television, 05/2003)

"The Pornick Casino mixes up a cocktail of rockabilly, country, punk and lounge music, ending somewhere near polka, driven by the fastest surf guitar in the Western hemisphere...
(WOM magazine, 01/2006)


Southern Moon Booking
Walberberger Str 3
50969 Koln
Phone: ++49(0)221 340 5802
Mobil: ++49(0)179 464 2966


Bloody Baron Records/ Soulfood
Multiball - Vynil LP(2005)
Bloody Baron Records/ Soulfood
Wrestle That Dude(2003)
Red Baron Records
Kamikaze Records
The Unknown Stuntman (2001)
Brutus Records
Vinyl single

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Marlboro Men Attack'(2000)
Southern Moon Records

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