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Grippin' Breeze
Date of Publication -28 May 2007
Submitted by: rockabilly_girl
Category: Modern Bands
Country: Finland

GRIPPIN’ BREEZE is formed sometimes in spring 2004 and started rockin’ right away in the small garage in Rauma, Finland.

Now, after three interesting years : a gigs all over the Finland (mostly west-coast), doin’ more own songs, gettin’ out our self released and produced six piece demo-CD(2005-Time to....GRBZ001), training and searhin’ for our own sound, line and style .... We were in the recording-studio again, last fall-summer 2006. We got a 19 tunes on the “tape”, all our own material, and 14 best of ‘em would be released quite soon…. still lookin’ for some record-label to produce that CD . And if they don’t , we will .... Hope that we could get it completed at least this year, but we trying to do it rather well than hasten. Like we Finnish says : in a hurry you do nothing but a piss-headed you better watch out !!


Time to...(2005)
contains 6 songs

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Grippin' Breeze
Album: Time To...
Song: Misty Lake

Grippin' Breeze
Album: Time To...
Song: Where Can She Be

Grippin' Breeze
Album: Time To...
Song: (you Gotta) Only One Life


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