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Whip Crackin' Daddies
Date of Publication -07 May 2007
Submitted by: rockabilly_girl
Category: Modern Bands
Country: England

Okay, for those of you who don't know most of the Jim Jeffries story so far.... Rancho Deluxe was my dark rockabilly band for 10 years from 1995, we did 3 albums on Crazy Love Records etc... XX Cortez was my side project from '99 - intending to be harder in style - more psychobilly... 1998 I did a tour etc with The Caravans but decided not to join full time. 2001- 2004 I worked with Mark Lee Allen firstly in a neo rockabilly project The Pistoleers, and then in a hard authentic rockabilly band The Driver Brothers. 2004 I joined The Caravans seriously enjoying 10 countries including Hollywood USA, and playing for Levi Dexter, but left in December 2005, and at that time also dissolved Rancho Deluxe and split XX Cortez. 2005 was a busy and interesting year - a real fresh start for me - I played for the Dead Kings and Nigel Lewis, and also wasted alot of time on a girl fronted commercial pop punk project. I started The Dark Angels with Smutty Smith of Rockats, 13 Cats and Havalinas fame, and Ruby Bones; and that was interesting as although it started as a rockabilly project we decided to push it down the path of my dark neo folk and americana influences... This meant that although The Dark Angels were immediately booked on rockin' and psycho fests, by the time the gigs came, we were not playing rockabilly. Then Smutty got called back to LA with 13 Cats, where he currently spends most of his time.. so I asked Choppy from Caravans/Nigel Lewis to help me out with a gig or two in France and Finland etc, hmmmmmmm that went down well. Then we got ex Rancho Deluxe/Caravans/Get Smart etc drummer Mark Richards on board... At the same time, I had decided that XX Cortez was going to be even harder and more metal influenced, so much of the old setlist was more suited to a more old school psychobilly band. So that was it - I formed WHIP CRACKIN' DADDIES the intention is to play my own version of hard, dark, rockin' music - drawing on the history of Rancho Deluxe and the old XX Cortez, but also moving forward with a more contemporary punkier feel... The tracks here are from the forthcoming album which will hopefully be ready by the end of May 2007. Aside from this I also met Mark "Mad Dog" Cole (ex Krewmen) in autumn 2006, and we are working hard together (with Choppy and my ole mate Lee Barnett).


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Whip Crackin' Daddies
Album: Unreleased
Song: Playin' With Knives

Whip Crackin' Daddies
Album: Unreleased
Song: Dirty Tricks

Whip Crackin' Daddies
Album: Unreleased
Song: Headin' West

Whip Crackin' Daddies
Album: Unreleased
Song: King Sleaze


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