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Tornado Alleycats
Date of Publication -11 April 2007
Submitted by: rockabilly_girl
Category: Modern Bands
Country: Australia
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A traditional, drummerless, rockin’ trio, with an affinity for the wild sounds of the 50s - the Alleycats formed in the “wild west” of Australia, in August 2006, when Jay & Andy (Salt Flat Trio) teamed up with ex-Howlin' Moondoggies frontman Marco. Since then, the boys have developed a special chemistry, and they’ve been tearin’ it up like a Tornado, with 200 gigs (inc. a Slim Jim Phantom support) in just six months...
Their debut album “Rockin’ up a storm”, features 7 original Alleycats tunes, along with 6 rockin’ covers - rockabilly, hillbilly jazz, country and rhythm & blues - all done in the Alleycats’ unique swingin’ style. Look out cats, the Tornado’s a-comin’!

Marco Agostino - vocals and rhythm guitar
Jay McIvor - doghouse and backing vocals
Andy “Jumpin’ Jack” Jarvis - lead guitar and backing vocals


'Live at the Mustang Bar' CD
'Rockin’ up a Storm' CD

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Tornado Alleycats
Album: Rockin' Up A Storm
Song: Shake (like A Rattlesnake)


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