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Bands » The Three Farmer's Boys

The Three Farmer's Boys
Date of Publication -29 February 2016
Submitted by: thethreefarmersboys
Category: Modern Bands
Country: The Netherlands
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" The Three Farmerīs Boys "

Are a compound trio consisting of three lion-ears musicians,
who within the rockabilly/hillbilly/country/western swing and rhythm and blues already deserved their tracks.

The Three Farmerīs Boys are:

Farmer's boy Ed Stigter is the new Lead guitarist , his inspirations are Grady Martin, Merle Travis, Cliff Gallup en Don Rich.
Ol'school Rockabilly,Hillbilly,
Western Swing & Rhythm and Blues is what makes his blood flow.

Farmer boy Roel Huizinga picks his Doghouse bass with all his heart an soul.
He is really the heart of the rhythm section.
He's a cat that plays also on records of other rockabilly artists
an jumps sometimes with them on stage.

Farmers boys vocalist and rhythm guitarist Ronnie Pietersma
is well known within the rock and roll world.
His inspirations are abundant. Absorbing all kinds of influences, he has created his own sound.

This Three Farmerīs Boys stands for absolute 50's rockabilly,hillbilly,
country,western swing an rhythm and blues.
So put on your wooden boppin' shoes an overall an start jumpin' on the boogie.

Band Members

Ed Stigter- Lead guitarist
Roel Huizinga - Doghouse bass
Ronnie Pietersma - vocalist and rhythm guitarist


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