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Bands » Ryan Cain And The Ables

Ryan Cain And The Ables
Date of Publication -28 November 2012
Submitted by: wvhamrick
Copyrights: Ryan Cain and the Ables (BMI)
Category: Modern Bands
Country: USA
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Ryan Cain and the Ables are a Rockabilly/Hillbilly band from the hills of West Virginia. They are currently promoting thier first studio release titled "My Pistol Rides Shotgun." The band provides a mix of authentic rockabilly, hillbilly and western swing. "My Pistol Rides Shotgun" encompasses all of those various styles on one release.

Band Members

Ryan Cain - Vocals, Guitar, Standup Bass, Piano
Evan Jones - Electric Bass, Acoustic Guitar
Matt Eakle - Lead and Baritone Guitar
Gary Hamrick - Drums

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