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Screamin' Rebel Angels
Date of Publication -26 July 2012
Submitted by: laurarebelangel
Copyrights: Photos by Alexander Thompson, Amanda Wathern
Category: Modern Bands
Country: USA
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Screamin’ Rebel Angels' debut EP “Pounce Like A Tiger,” contains 5 Ragin’ Tracks of Rock n Roll Madness sure to be the soundtrack to any delinquent's road to ruin. This high energy foursome is exploding onto the Northeast scene with an intensity and honesty seldom seen in music today. Stemming from Laura Rebel Angel's powerful vocals ‘n dirty guitar licks and Brian Hack's pioneering dexterity on the fretboard, coupled with Kevin Hudson’s hypnotic drumming rhythm and Yoni Benshlomo’s cunning bass lines on upright, Screamin’ Rebel Angels' live shows are non-stop high energy. Whether they're swinging off the rafters or rolling around on the beer-soaked stage, Screamin’ Rebel Angels are here to put the grit and sweat back into rock n roll and you will be entertained!

"If Screamin' Jay Hawkins and Ruth Brown had a baby raised by Wanda Jackson in a John Waters film, that hell kitten would be Laura Rebel Angel." --Bad Time Charlie, Deadbolt.

Band Members

Laura Rebel Angel -Guitar, Vocals, Brian Hack, Lead Guitar, Snake-Drums, Dan Pena, Simon Chardiet and Dennis Casserta Upright Bass

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