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Ruzz Guitar
Date of Publication -22 June 2012
Submitted by: ruzzguitar
Category: Modern Artists
Country: United Kingdom
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Ruzz is a guitarist born and bred in Bristol. He has been taking audiences by storm with his unique guitar style for a few years now and still shocks people at every gig he plays.

After taking inspiration from many great guitarists such as Wilko Johnson, Brian Setzer, Jim Heath and Jimmie Vaughan, Ruzz has developed what he has learnt into his own style which is quickly becoming recognised around the UK.

After only 6 months of playing guitar Ruzz was out playing with Blues bands and in Blues jams around his home city of Bristol. After making a name for himself around the Blues scene he started playing with people around the Rockabilly scene in Bristol which shot his career up almost instantly and he started being recognised more and more for his unique sound and style. Not long after that he joined the Bristol/Swindon based Rockabilly band 'The RedHot Trio'. Since he joined them things have been getting better and better, for him and for the band.

Ruzz has been taking his guitaring all over the UK for a few years now and even shocked audiences in Europe every night and not playing the same thing twice!

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Ruzz Guitar

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