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Bands » Dead-eye Mariners

Dead-eye Mariners
Date of Publication -04 March 2012
Submitted by: litogris
Category: Modern Bands
Country: England
Contacts & Booking E-mail:

Dead-Eye Mariners sing dead-sea shanties of Rovers and Drovers & Mariners all. A festival of Gothic Rockabilly with historic western content.

Flame-haired frontman Carlito Gris hails from La Ciudad de Mexico and leads a newly hustled rollin' rhythm section of Mark Evans and the Buxton Brothers.

Dead-Eye Mariners cry havoc and let slip the ghosts of rock n roll.

Band Members

vox - Carlito Gris
Stings 1 - Dickie Buxton
Strings 2 - Eddy Buxton
Rhythm - Mark Evans

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