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Bands » Chris Almoada & The Broken Hearts

Chris Almoada & The Broken Hearts
Date of Publication -12 December 2011
Submitted by: jeff
Category: Modern Bands
Country: France
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Chris Almoada is a singer and guitar player who has been performing since the late 1970s. He belongs to the first generation of European artists to embrace rockabilly.

In 1972, at the age of 11, Chris began playing boogie-woogie and ragtime on the piano. That same year, he discovered the rock íní roll music of Bill Haley, Gene Vincent, and Eddie Cochran. But it was Wanda Jackson, the Queen of Rockabilly, who gave Chris the biggest thrill with such hit songs as "Letís Have a Party" and "Honey Bop". What a voice! What a sound!
In 1976, Chris began playing the guitar. His favorite LP was a new album entitled Sun Session. The sound of Scotty Moore introduced him to the technique of guitar picking. In 1978, Chris put together his first group, the Rockiní Shoes. The group favored titles appearing under such record labels as Collector, Goldband, Starday, King, Redita, and Fed... During the 1980s, Chris composed music and sang with two other groups: the Olí Timers and Mystery Train.
After a hiatus in the 1990s, Chris returned to the music scene by giving private performances as a solo guitarist. In early 2000, Alain ChenneviŤre (a singer and former member of the Alligators who pioneered rockabilly in France) enlisted Chris as a guitar player specializing in the picking style. At the same time, Chris and a friend of his (who played the upright bass) cofounded a group dedicated to Western swing in its purest 1940s style. The Spikebones reprised the songs of Johnny Lee Wills and Milton Brown, as well as those of Jimmy Revard and the Light Crust Doughboys.

Today, Chris is the solo guitarist for the French group Easy Lazy C. Additionally, he is the lead singer of his own group, the Broken Hearts, which recorded its first CD, Come to New Orleans, in July 2010 (Rydellís Records). This CD includes first-rate songs such as "Cool Cat", "Come to New Orleans", and "Another mornin" that were written in collaboration with David E. Miller, an American lyricist. It also includes two original songs, "Somebodyís knocking" and "Gone really gone", both of which Chris authored in the early 1980s but which havenít been released until now.

Band Members

Chris Almoada: Vcl, gtr
Red Dennis: Drms
Pascal Freyche: Dblebass

Band/Artist Video


Come To New Orleans(2010)
Rydell's Records

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