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Bands » Rockin' Henri & The Earcatcherz

Rockin' Henri & The Earcatcherz
Date of Publication -12 December 2011
Submitted by: rockinhenri
Copyrights: ©2011, Henri Smeets (songs are registered with Buma/Stemra)
Category: Modern Bands
Country: Netherlands/Germany/Luxembourg
Contacts & Booking E-mail:

Talking about Rockin' Henri & The Earcatcherz is like talking about a revelation in rockabilly.
With this band you'll search in vain for boosted recordings as is common in modern music. This is true pure honest rock & roll, rockabilly, highschool rock, the way it should be! No studiotricks at all. Not a whole day in the studio to optimize one song. Why optimizing, why not improvisation like you do with jamming?!
Just like in the good ol' fifties all recordings by this band here have been recorded live in the studio, which means no dubs afterwards. What you hear is what we really played and recorded! This way you get a more lively recording, something they already knew in the 50's when they default recorded this way.
This is rockin' stuff made, recorded, produced and released by true music lovers. Here, rock & roll is still an art! Back to the roots!
Rock & roll has never been soooooo close !

Actually 'Rockin' Henri & The Earcatcherz' is a sideproject by members of 'Little John & The Cadillacs', 'Doc Rock & The Restless Hearts' and 'Smooth & The Bully Boys' together with singer/songwriter Rockin' Henri.

The side project band started way back in 2007 as 'The Letzebillies', accompanying Rockin' Henri during his studio recording sessions at 'Studio D' in Folschette, Luxembourg. in 2009 Rockin' Henri decided to rename the band's name into a more catchy one: 'The Earcatcherz'.

The music they play is called Sociabillywoprock (created by Rockin' Henri in 2006), shortened to Sobiwoprock. it's a mixture of vintage styled rockabilly, vintage styled doowop and plain vintage styled rock & roll with a lyrical focus on social themes. Ranging from ballads to wild uptemo rockers. A variation in lyrics from erotic to reflection, from happy to sad.

Band Members

Rockin' Henri Smeets: vocals (occasionally guitar), songwriting
Sergej Gamza: guitar
Yves Ditsch: drums
Aleks Skull: double bass

Band/Artist Video


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HJRS Autodidact Music
All improvised unreleased recordings. To have a listen go to the jukebox (music player under 'Discography') at the band's website.
Jubilee album: 30 years of rockin' and 10 years of songwriting.

1. The Girl In The Black Stockings (take 6) (rockabilly), 3:52
2. Rockin’ At The Classic Car And Rockabilly Festival (take 12) (rockabilly), 3:08
3. Friends And Enemies (take 6) (high-school rock combined with rockabilly), 5:05
4. If A Rose Is Knocking On Your Door (take 7) (hillbilly combined with texmex), 2:37
5. We’re Different, So What! (take 8) (slow rock intro combined with rockabilly), 3:27
6. Have A Little Bit Respect (take 4) (rockabilly), 3:26
7. Too Old To Race, Too Young To Stroll (take 5) (rockabilly), 2:34
8. Walking Along The Street Of Loneliness (take 4) (early 60’s combined with rockabilly), 2:06
9. Mama Why Did You Had To Go? (take 10) (slow rock combined with high-school rock), 5:54
10. Smell That Big Apple (take 4) (rockabilly), 3:12
11. I’ve Lost My Baby To A Big “Pink Girl” (take 8) (rockabilly), 2:50
12. Even Before I Tried The Answer Was No (take 3) (high-school rock), 2:34
13. I(‘ve) Got A Girl Named Gretsch (new version) (take 7) (rockabilly), 4:14
14. I’m Falling One Step Short Of Everything I Do (take 7) (blues intro comb. with high-school rock), 4:11
15. Trendy People May Come, Trendy People May Go (take 4) (rockabilly), 1:40
16. I’m A Hook (take 2) (rockabilly), 2:10
17. Take Your Troubles To Me Baby (take 3) (bluesabilly), 4:04
18. I’m A Man, I’m A Poser (take 3)(rockabilly), 1:47

All songs: ©Henri Smeets (words and music).

Mastering of album Earcatchin' done by Brad Blackwood from the Home Of Rock & Roll Euphonic Masters in Memphis, USA (did mastering for Pinetop Perkins (Sun Records), Walter Trout, Willy Deville, ZZ Top etc.).
Artwork done by Jody Gannon, frontcover (worked for famous Walt Disney Studios, USA) and Johnny Giarrizzo, backcover, logo and inside booklet. Frontcover and logo after an idea of Rockin' Henri.
Henri's vocal coach: Mark Elbers (Elvis singer and close friend to Ray Walker (Jordanaires). Mark will sing in a Hollywood movie in 2012). San Power is Henri's female vocal coach. Henri has a mild form of asthma, but is able to use lotsa breath (as can be heard in Mama, Why Did You Had To Go?, a ballad with a length of almost 6 minutes).

Album optionally available with backcover in braille for our blind rockin' friends.

Band Photos

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