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Rechords, The
Date of Publication -24 November 2010
Submitted by: rechords
Copyrights: The ReChords, Melbourne Australia
Category: Modern Bands
Country: Australia
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The ReChords. Finding their roots!

It could have been just another rockin’ trio when we first got together back in Aug 2009, but this band soon started to take on a life of it’s own. Initial inspiration was to include a drummer, albeit a basic setup with mostly brushes, but once rehearsal began and the trio jumped into a couple of live gigs to tighten up…well, let’s just say the feedback was pretty positive and it was decided the line-up was to stay (for now at least) Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar and Upright Bass. It worked way back in the 40’s & 50’s, so it can work now.

Hillbilly Boogie, Western Swing, Bluegrass, Rhythm & Blues, Rock-a-billy…’s all there… it’s all apart of what has become THE RECHORDS. Throw in lead vocals from all of the members at some point during the sets and spice it up with a mix of sweet 2 part and sometimes 3 part harmonies reminiscent of those Bluegrass and Hillbilly bands of days gone by……then delivered with the passion and enthusiasm of a 60’s Garage / Swamp Rock band. Sometimes laid back and feeling like your riding the range in an old Western Movie, then other times wild and crazy like you’re in some adrenilin induced 50’s Rock’n’Roll joint.

The debut album “ON THE WAGON” now released as of September, 2010 takes you on a ‘roots’ journey through 15 tunes, a mix of 9 original tracks and 6 obscure vintage covers from our combined musical collections. A selection of those tracks craved some Honky Tonk style Piano and Bluegrass Fiddle so we roped in some well recommended musos in the name of Stephen Teakle (aka Barry Morgan) and Greg Field respectively to enhance the ReChords sound for this album but still attempting to stay true to that stripped back, raw nucleus. And the only way to achieve the right sound and do justice to the music itself was to source the right studio and equipment with that unmistakable warmth of Valve distortion, Space & Slapback Echo and Ribbon Mic technology which we found with Barry Stockley and Fat Sound Studio in West Melbourne, Victoria.

It was decided that the album was to be released via a new roots label, our own Bundoora Records (a division of local Melbourne label, Tedesco Records) and will be distributed independently throughout Australia soon to be available in all good record stores in each state as well as distribution throughout Europe & the U.K. Also currently available online via

Band Members

Tyron Shaw (Double Bass / Vocals), Felix Potier (Electric Guitar / Vocals), Leo Francis (Rhythm Guitar, Vocals)

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