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Bands » Muleskinners, The

Muleskinners, The
Date of Publication -30 October 2010
Submitted by: owen
Copyrights: owen rossiter
Category: 50s Bands and Artists
Country: England
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The Muleskinners are pretty wild and put enormous energy into their shows.
Brilliant early rock 'n roll played sweaty, dirty and satisfyingly loud.
Kick-Ass good time rockabilly, toe-tapping, 'makes-ya-wanna-dance', skiffle washboard and thumpin' upright double-bass. Guaranteed a rip-roaring nite of rockabilly-hillbilly-boogie.
A repertoire of raw 1940's and 50's swing and boogie.

Band Members

Brent - vocals Owen if - drums Mick - bass


No Albums Submitted

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