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Flat Top Rockets
Date of Publication -13 February 2010
Submitted by: finbilly80
Category: Modern Bands
Country: Finland
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Flat Top Rockets is high speedin´ rockabilly trio from Finland. It´s legendary hellish road began in late summer 2008 when guitarist Antti and vocalist/bassplayer Iikka get together and they desided to start a raw and agressive rockabilly band with a touch of old school spirit!!!

In the year 2009 january drumplayer Ville joined the group and the true form of Flat Top Rockets has seen the daylight!!! Band sound is mixture of hard-slappin' bass and beatin' drum with old Gibson amp guitar sounds. People in Finland love their real gone live acts, they can't control themselves..they just wanna dance and havin' a ball with their raw rockabilly rhythms!!!

Band Members

Iikka - vocals/upright bass
Antti - backin vocals/guitar


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