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Flying Cats, The
Date of Publication -20 December 2009
Submitted by: letsrock_org_uk
Category: Modern Bands
Country: Italy
Band/Artist Website:
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The Flying Cats is a sane and fresh rock and roll band, for hot, funny, dancing musical nights: this group makes you move your legs! But it is far more than this! It is different from any obvious rock and roll band you may have heard till now...for an amount of topics: repertoire, personality, style, sound... they deliver a unique cocktail of energy and musical sensibility miles away from rockabilly stereotypes.

Still this 'being different' is by no means going out and betray the original rockabilly mood.
For example they are a 'gentleman shaped band' who knows the cultural values and meaning that lay underneath rockabilly music. It was a music for everybody. So no vulgarity here only intelligent provocation and lots of fun.
The Flying Cats accepted the hard challange of being original in making true rockabilly (not a modified hybrid of rockabilly; and this is stuff for very very few bands in the world!

The band proposes a catching mix of high quality originals under the name of Let's Rock, All The Pretty Girls, But Only With You, Look Look Look.... and some covers from artists like Ray Charles, Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis... all played with fine originality.

The Flying Cats deliver a personal, clean and neat sound to your ears, with no distortion. A sound able to catch up public of all ages. The band performs in the best Theaters, Venues, Pubs, Square concerts (incredible events that probably don't happen in the young USA where squares are missing...) and it is willing to perform in Europe.

An interesting peculiarity of this band - beyond the most striking original repertoire in the world - is the rare capability to change the expressive tone. Some songs are played with the drum brushes (as in the style of early
rockabilly by Bill Haley and Elvis).

The style varies from pure rockabilly to swing or a bit of country and blues.
It is impossible to get annoyed... with them!

The line up is a trio vocals, guitar, double bass and drums. For special occasion they can perform as a quartet.

In the quartet, the presence of two quality voices (a male voice and a female voice) adding harmony to a really
incredible band far away from rock and roll cliches. If you ever thought great rockabilly songwriters were all from the past, then you have to listen to some of these songs.

Band Members

Max Marinaio - Vocals and Guitar
Adua Tognetti - Drums
Claudio Puccetti - Double bass


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