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Bands » Ervin Travis & The New Virginians

Ervin Travis & The New Virginians
Date of Publication -06 November 2009
Submitted by: jeff
Category: Modern Bands
Country: France

Ervin Travis was born in Lyon, on September 29, 1961. At the age of 8, he discovered Rock & Roll and was soon fascinated by Gene Vincent. At 21, while living in the Midi-Pyrenees region, he started his first band called “Memories Gene”, which for about 10 years crossed France playing bars, clubs and festivals to spread Vincent’s word. After leaving “Memories”, Ervin adopted several aliases before definitively settling on “Ervin Travis”. Armed with new musicians, his energy still intact, he once again travelled Rock’s rocky road. Success struck again, consecrated in 2001 with the release of his first CD titled “From Tidewater to Dallas” on the Big Beat Records label.
This was followed in 2004 with a “live” CD & DVD from the same label. Since then,Ervin has performed all over Europe, crossed the Atlantic to be a part of the Killer’s birthday party and worn out countless musicians with his fast paced energy (and professionalism)…
All those years were devoted to Gene’s cause, and, in spite of life problems, scepticism, sarcasm, even denigration (often by “rockers” themselves), he never suffered doubt or discouragement.
Against all odds, Ervin keeps going, like a certain…Gene Vincent!
For any booking :
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Band Members

Ervin Travis : vocals - Phil Fessard : Guitar - Gilles Tournon : Bass - Damien Daigneau : Piano - Fred or Metty : Drums


Shades of blue in Paris(2004)
Big Beat Records
Live album, also released on DVD
From Tidewater to Dallas(2001)
Big Beat Records

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