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Stockmen, The
Date of Publication -06 April 2009
Submitted by: stockmen
Copyrights: the Stockmen
Category: Modern Bands
Country: Russia
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Found in 1999 by Taras Trofimov and Serge Misharin, the Stockmen started as a band with authentic 50's rockabilly sound and lyrics inspired mostly by horror b-movies. In 2000 Andy Poluektov has joined the band as a bass-guitar player, but later on switched to the double-bass.

The Stockmen has released debut CD "Blow Out" in 2003 at Old Rock Records (Sweden) and took part in a number of rockabilly and psychobilly compilations, including "Muh to the Muh" (a tribute to the Frantic Flintsones), "Rebels Of Rock'n'Roll", "Psychoward 2" etc. In 2009 they have released the second CD "Dig The Rock'n'Roll"

Band Members

Taras Trofimov (guitar, lead vox)
Igor Zolotarev (lead-guitar)
Andy Poluektov (slap-bass, backin' vox)
Serge Misharin (drums, backin' vox)

Band/Artist Video


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Dig The Rock'n'Roll(2009)
Stock Records
Blow Out!(2003)
Old Rock Records

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