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Mr. Nobody
Date of Publication -04 March 2009
Submitted by: nobody
Copyrights: Mr. Nobody band
Category: Modern Bands
Country: Finland
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Mr. Nobody was formed in the early 21st century. The music this Finniash band is playing is modern Rockabilly with a touch of blues and country. The guys are keen on playing gigs, making their own original songs and recordings. Most of the time they are having gigs in Finland, but they are looking forward to play abroad for those who love the music as much as they do.

Band Members

Henri - Vocals, Guitar
Mikko - Lead guitar
Marko - Double bass
JP - Drums


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Nobody's Fault(2009)
1. Rockabilly Shakes
2. Working Overtime
3. Taxi Driver
4. Since She's Been Gone
5. Local Be-Bop-A-Lula

All songs are Mr. Nobody originals.

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