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Daryl Haywood Combo
Date of Publication -01 February 2009
Submitted by: rockin_bird
Copyrights: Daryl Haywood Combo
Category: Modern Bands
Country: Finland
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"It was late in august 2003 when we got together for the first jam. It didn't take long to realize that this was the sound we had been looking for and now we had a chance to make something out of it" - describes bands guitarist, KK , the former of Daryl Haywood Combo. ".

Tero and Jake had been playing together for years and they had a clear vision of what kind of sound they were after. Their band, Rod Benders had been around for a while and their style was going towards straight 50's rockabilly. K.K. had been playing in neobilly band Phantom 409 and their style was more on modern side with a harder edge. He had been getting into fingerpicking in the style of early 50's rockabilly pickers for years, but that kind of playing didn't find much space in their repertoire, so actually he was interested in getting together to jam with Tero and Jake. After a couple of rehearsals things started to get more serious and the guys had to face the fact that they had a group with potential and that group needed a name. Tero suggested a loose translation of his own name 'Daryl Haywood' and then ''Combo' were added to it. The first promotional album was released in March 2004.

By the end of 2005, the band had done gigs in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Holland. The same year in November the official cd " You Treat Me Like a No Good!" was released.

Band Members

Daryl - Vocals
K.K. - Guitar
Jake - Upright Bass
Thomas - Drums

Band/Artist Video


You Treat Me Like A No Good!(2006)
Empire Records
The first full cd release
Crazy Rhythm Rock(2004)
Hubcap Records

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