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Dice Rebels
Date of Publication -25 October 2007
Submitted by: dicerebels
Category: Modern Bands
Country: Netherlands, The
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It all started a whole lot of years back in history when the beloved King of Rock ‘N Roll was still alive and rockin’. As we all know Mr. Presley did love a lot of women, and he had some… Not knowing he made some women pregnant of beautiful children, he rocked a couple of years further until the tragic end.

A couple of months later these pregnant women met eachother and discovered they where all prospective mothers of some Rock ‘N Roll kids. They were all very happy with their wonderkids but they were just to young to take care of them and decided to hand them over. The unborn embryo’s got used for scientific inquiry into the powers of Rock ‘N Roll and got frozen in. A lot of years later they got defrosted and were placed in foster-families. Their new parents were aware of the identity of the kids but decided to leave them in ignorance…

The children grew up and everything was going well. Until they got curious about their real parents and discovered the big secret: They were all forgotten sons of the King.

Of course they had to do something with the talent that was given to them. They decided to unite their powers in the form of a Rockabilly superband in honour of their famous father.

They went on their mission of Rockabilly under the name of:



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