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Bands » Rhythm Boys, The

Rhythm Boys, The
Date of Publication -28 September 2007
Submitted by: rhythmchick
Category: Modern Bands
Country: England
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The Rhythm Boys is a rock n roll/rockabilly band that plays authentic and original songs. The band features slap bass, acoustic guitar, rockin' drums and twanging lead guitar fronted by Mike's incredible vocal talents. Their set list ranges from original rockabilly of the mid fifties from artists as Elvis Presley and Warren Smith and British rock'n'roll by the likes of Billy Fury. They also play modern rockabilly and rock'n'roll from people such as Go Cat Go, The GoGetters and Darrell Higham.

The band members are:

Mark Palmer - Slap Bass
Mike Ferrington - Pryor - Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Craig Fillbrook - Lead Guitar
Keith Hogan - Drums


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