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Date of Publication -22 January 2007
Submitted by: lottelou
Category: Modern Bands
Country: Russia
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The Phantoms are from St.Petersburg, Russia. They play old-time rockabilly music (early rock-n-roll, country, boogie beat and western swing) since autumn, 2002.

Before the Phantoms this musicians had a great practice in playing rockabilly music. In 1991 Alexander Karnazov and Oleg Hoodkin organized of one of the first rockabilly bands in Saint Petersburg called the Sunstrockers. The Sunstrockers played together until 1994. Exept Alexander and Oleg in Sunstrockers took participation Alexey Volkov (drums, now plays in Big Livers) and Sergey Shornikov (vocals, acoustic guitar, now he is a leader of the Cadillacs).

After the splitting of Sunstrockers in 1994 Alexander and Oleg started a new band called Rockin' Chair. And in 1996 they met singer, guitar player and songwriter Urij Sutkovoi who became the leader of the band and then name Rockin' Chair was changed to Rattlsnakes.

Rattlsnakes was one of the most successful bands in Russia. They recorded two albums ('El Caballero' and 'Lady Wild'), took participation in Psychobilly Jamboree in Finland and were the guests of popular Russian musical television channel called MuzTV.

In autamn, 2001 Alexey and Oleg left Rattlesnakes and formed the Phantoms. The other musicians of the Phantoms were Alexey Gubin (ex-Rattlesnakes, ex-Rockin' Chair) on drums and his wife Inna as a singer. Due to the problems with his health Alexey was forced to leave the band in spring 2003. His place took another drummer, Alexander Sokolov (ex-Big Livers), who also plays drums in Cadillacs now. In summer, 2003 Ilya Pechenkin (acoustic guitar, ex-Stannin' Jive Sweets, ex-Mad Fish, ex-Big Livers) joined the band.

The Phantoms have a lot of gigs (near 250 gigs per year) in Saint Petersburg and other cities of the world. Some of gigs guys play without drums, as a hillbilly trio.

Play list of the Phantoms consists mostly of the songs of rockin' 50's but musicians have some original songs too.


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Who's The Phantom?(2005)
Catalogue Number: tcy002

Track listing:
Brand New Cadillac - You Oughta See Grandma Rock - All I Can Do Is Cry - One Cup Of Coffee - Everybody's Movin - Love Me - She Said Goodbye - Let's Bop - Long Gone Daddy - Say When - Sixteen Chicks - Slow Down - Blue Blue Day - Tired And Sleepy - Dateless Night - Red Cadillac And A Black Moustache - Rockin' And Flyin' - She Said Goodbye.

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R.J. And The Phantoms
Song: My Baby's Gone


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