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Silvertones, The

Submitted by moskit0 (15 April 2009)
Back in 1991, three rockin' cats from Wolfenbüttel, deep down in the middle of nowhere, decided to add their own chapter to Rock `n Roll history. Things started rather authentic : buying instruments, covering obscure 50`s originals and torturing the neighbours` nerves....From 1994-1997 during some line-up changes featuring Stevie and Bernie ( the Bonehead ) on...

Screamin' Rebel Angels

Submitted by laurarebelangel (26 July 2012)
Screamin’ Rebel Angels' debut EP “Pounce Like A Tiger,” contains 5 Ragin’ Tracks of Rock n Roll Madness sure to be the soundtrack to any delinquent's road to ruin. This high energy foursome is exploding onto the Northeast scene with an intensity and honesty seldom seen in music today. Stemming from Laura Rebel Angel's powerful vocals...


Submitted by saralee (29 February 2016)
SaraLee is on a mission of rhythm ’n’ blues, rock ’n’ roll with a flare of rockabilly and swing! We serve audience juicy sounds, dazzling riffs and ravishing swing with a rockin' beat! SaraLee is first Finnish recording artist at Rhythm Bomb Records and debut album is released in May 2016. We play...

Saints & Sinners

Submitted by rockabilly_girl (02 August 2007)
Rock’n’Roll Band with demonic good songs and innocent smiles in their faces: These four guys from the Munich area have found their asskicking style somewhere between the powerful Rockabilly of Ronnie Dawson and the bluesy, pumping groove of blues legends such as Robert Johnson and John Lee Hooker. The fat guitar licks, the propulsive beat of...

Ryan Cain And The Ables

Submitted by wvhamrick (28 November 2012)
Ryan Cain and the Ables are a Rockabilly/Hillbilly band from the hills of West Virginia. They are currently promoting thier first studio release titled "My Pistol Rides Shotgun." The band provides a mix of authentic rockabilly, hillbilly and western swing. "My Pistol Rides Shotgun" encompasses all of those various styles on one release....

Ruzz Guitar's Blues Revue

Submitted by ruzzguitar (29 February 2016)
'Ruzz Guitar's Blues Revue' - A new powerful, Soul injected Blues/R'n'B/Rock'n'Roll band hailing from Bristol UK and lead by Gretsch wielding guitarist Ruzz Guitar. After taking inspiration from many great guitarists such as Wilko Johnson, Brian Setzer, Jim Heath and Jimmie Vaughan, Ruzz has developed what he has learnt into his own style which is quickly...

Ruzz Guitar

Submitted by ruzzguitar (22 June 2012)
Ruzz is a guitarist born and bred in Bristol. He has been taking audiences by storm with his unique guitar style for a few years now and still shocks people at every gig he plays. After taking inspiration from many great guitarists such as Wilko Johnson, Brian Setzer, Jim Heath and Jimmie Vaughan, Ruzz has...

Rusti Steel & The Star Tones

Submitted by kitti (30 June 2007)
Rusti Steel & The Star Tones is a 4-piece (sometimes a 5-piece when they rope their fiddle player for Hillbilly/Western Swing nights) group specializing in authentic 50's Rockabilly, Rock'n'Roll, Rhythm & Blues, Hillbilly Bop, Western Swing. The wealth of experience (records, radio, TV, personal appearances, etc.) of the band members promises a professional performance and their...

Runnin Wild

Submitted by kitti (14 September 2007)
In 1993 Patrick Ouchene (singer of Domino’s) and Ben Aissa, his good friend and double bass player, decided to start up an authentic rockabilly band. The decision was made and Kasper Devos,the former guitar player of Domino’s, was asked to join them. Soon after the first album ”Something’s Gotta Give” was realeased. The band played almost...

Rudy La Crioux And The All Stars

Submitted by slapbasswoody (24 August 2007)
THE JOURNEY ON THE LOST HIGHWAY During the summer of 2007 we started work on what is considered to be our best album, “Wild ‘n’ Pretty”. We returned to our old stomping ground of “Western Star Records” with El Capitano, Alan Wilson at the helm. Released in May 2008 and with half of the tracks our...
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