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Rockin' Henri

Submitted by rockinhenri (27 July 2009)
Even though I am an amateur songwriter and music lover, recently I worked together with film director Martin Koolhoven (sadly enough for an unfinished film), pop magazine founder and film documentary maker for national television Constant Meijers (for his book Kom Van Dat Dak Af). I got also a German rockabillyband Heckenjecks succesfully into...

Rockin' Henri & The Earcatcherz

Submitted by rockinhenri (12 December 2011)
Talking about Rockin' Henri & The Earcatcherz is like talking about a revelation in rockabilly. With this band you'll search in vain for boosted recordings as is common in modern music. This is true pure honest rock & roll, rockabilly, highschool rock, the way it should be! No studiotricks at all. Not a whole day in...

Rockin` Lady & Her Rivertown Boys

Submitted by rockinbandit (27 November 2009)
Rockin’ Lady and her Rivertown Boys is a band from Estonia that plays old-school rockabilly music. We try to do it like it was done in 50’s, but we have slight influences from blues, country, swing, neo-rockabilly, twist and surf. The main goal is to play and sing the music from world-famous rockabilly ladies and to...

Rocky Velvet

Submitted by kitti (21 September 2007)
Rocky Velvet formed in the Albany, NY, area in 1996, as young men just out of high school, and over the years they’ve cultivated a reputation as one of Upstate New York’s premiere bands. Metroland, the newsweekly of NY’s Capital Region (Albany, Schenectady, Troy, Saratoga), crowned them “Best Band” in 2007. This reputation didn’t come easily—as...

Root'n Toot'n

Submitted by skiprats (16 November 2007)
Formed in August 2005 this Hillbilly Rockabilly trio started out on the C&W circuit and have now established themselves firmly on the country club and festival circuit around the UK and in Norway. Also they have also performed at several UK Rockin' clubs, the Spiders Web in Edinburgh being a highlight. Root'n Toot'n have performed...

Roy Kay Trio

Submitted by kitti (11 January 2009)
Playing the their own distinctive style of rockabilly, The Roy Kay Trio have been performing together since late 2001. Blending melody, rhythm and harmony, they have become a staple in the Northwest and played in many different countries on several international tours. They have also been featured at the world’s top Weekender’s including, The Rockabilly...

Ruby And The Dukes

Submitted by whitefalcon (27 October 2018)
Ruby and the Dukes The band is based in London and was formed in 2015 by the Ex Mint Royale guitarist Chris Thorn. We play Vintage, RocknRoll, Blues, Rockabilly, Retro Swing & Postmodern. The line-up is double bass, guitar, drums, vocals and saxophone. We deliver 40’s & 50’s classics by the likes of Ruth...

Ruby Ann

Submitted by rockabilly_girl (24 July 2007)
After much success with her Portuguese band The Boppin' Boozers, Ruby Ann has spent the last few years living in France making her way across Europe as a much sought after solo attraction. With a tour schedule that's included some of the hottest Rockabilly/Rock and Roll/Country music festivals the EU has to offer, not to mention...

Rudy La Crioux And The All Stars

Submitted by slapbasswoody (24 August 2007)
THE JOURNEY ON THE LOST HIGHWAY During the summer of 2007 we started work on what is considered to be our best album, “Wild ‘n’ Pretty”. We returned to our old stomping ground of “Western Star Records” with El Capitano, Alan Wilson at the helm. Released in May 2008 and with half of the tracks our...

Runnin Wild

Submitted by kitti (14 September 2007)
In 1993 Patrick Ouchene (singer of Domino’s) and Ben Aissa, his good friend and double bass player, decided to start up an authentic rockabilly band. The decision was made and Kasper Devos,the former guitar player of Domino’s, was asked to join them. Soon after the first album ”Something’s Gotta Give” was realeased. The band played almost...
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