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Cc Jeromes Jet-setters

Submitted by ccjerome (13 January 2009)
CC JEROME was born in Holland. He has been a staple in the rockabilly and 1950s rock n' roll scene for over twenty years, both in the United States and in Europe. Jerome got his start in 1988 with a very successful group, featuring the great "Junior Marvel". After a few months of rehearsing...

Cats, The

Submitted by andycat (19 January 2009)
The Cats are three rockers from the best wee country of them all (Scotland). "We play rockin' good time tunes for you and us to have a great time too. If it's not the rockin vocals and the big bull bass that gets you goin', then its the flyin' Gretch and the pounding drums. We love...

Casablanca Carambol Company

Submitted by rickabilly (17 February 2009)
The Casablanca Carambol Company is a rock 'n' roll / rockabilly band from Lier (Antwerp). It is formed by Jan Mortelmans (vocals and accoustic rithm guitars), Jan Claes (guitars), Erik Le Clerq (doghouse bass) and Pieter Vansteenbeeck (drums). They bring a mix of heavy rockabilly, blues, country and 'Fifties' rock 'n roll, creating a western feel...

Caroline Casey & The Stringslingers

Submitted by caroline_casey (17 September 2008)
As one half of the long-standing female rockabilly close-harmony duo, The Casey Sisters, Caroline Casey has played all over the world! Prior to the Casey Sisters reunion at Viva Las Vegas in 2008, Caroline traveled to Spain to record her first solo album for El Toro Records, "This Broken Crown." This album sits squarely within...

Carlos & The Bandidos

Submitted by kitti (03 August 2007)
Carlos & the Bandidos were formed by Carlos Mejuto (singer) and Malcolm Chapman (lead guitar) in November 1995 and were joined by Neil Scott (bass), Roger Van Niekirk (drums) & Ricky Cooper (rhythm guitar). They've played all over the UK, most of Europe and have done three tours of the west coast of the US; alternating...

Carl Perkins

Submitted by kitti (14 September 2009)
(April 9, 1932 - January 19, 1998) Carl Perkins was born to sharecroppers Buck and Louise Perkins (misspelled on his birth certificate as 'Perkings') and was soon out in the fields picking cotton and living in a one country shack with his parents, older brother Jay and his younger brother Clayton. Working alongside...

Carl And The Rhythm All Stars

Submitted by kitti (26 July 2007)
Carl & The Rhythm All-Stars are a Rockabilly group with members from both France and Portugal started up in 2002 when Carl and Pedro, longtime friends and fellow musicians, met up in Paris to create a band with a sound centred on primitive rockabilly with strong Honky Tonk, Rhythm'n'Blues and Western Swing influences. They have...

Cari Lee & The Saddle-ites

Submitted by kitti (26 July 2007)
This rural bop combo creates an exciting, carefree atmosphere where an audience simply means a great party. Whether sharing the stage with Grammy winners & nominees like Willie Nelson and Emmylou Harris, or joining festival stages with historic greats like Jerry Lee Lewis, Bob Wills' Texas Playboys, or even Bill Haley's Original Comets, Cari Lee...

Buick 55s, The

Submitted by thebuick55s_steve (31 March 2008)
The Buick 55's is a four piece 1950s style Rockabilly / Rock n Roll band from Scotland. They not only play covers by great singers and bands such as the Bill Haley, Eddie Bond, Johnny Powers, Sammy Masters, Gene Vincent, Johnny Burnette etc.. but also write and perform a lot of their own material as well....

Buddy Holly Tribute Band

Submitted by hihosilver (02 July 2008)
A live tribute to Buddy Holly & The Crickets consists of experienced musicians who have been also playing in the numerous rock'n'roll bands in The Netherlands and having the same passion to Buddy Holly music. With their line up they are trying to recreate the original one of the Cricets (with double bass en Fender Stratocaster)....
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