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Crickets Sound Project, The

Submitted by thecsp (24 November 2010)
Take the sound and spirit of The Crickets (during and after their time with Buddy), add the Buddy Holly vibe and dynamism, the 60's Crickets harmonies, some Ray Charles mojo, the Backing Vocals like that of The Picks/ The Roses, the melodicity of Buddy Holly/The Everly's songs, the lyrical drama of Hank Williams.... Bring it...

Creepers, The

Submitted by rockabilly_girl (18 April 2007)
For seven years now The Creepers have been playing their unique brand of 50ís style Rockabilly to fanatical crowds across the East Coast of Australia. With their wild stage antics and powerful melodies itís no wonder that The Creepers are fast becoming on of the most popular Rockabilly bands Australia has ever seen. The Band...

Crazy Legs

Submitted by kitti (24 September 2007)
It all started in the early 90ís, when Fabio and Sonny met. They were both looking for musicians to form a rockabilly band. That day started a great friendship and history. Some more other friends were invited and a band, called the Outsiders, was formed and lasted till 1995. With that band, guys gained knowledge and...

Crazy Joe And His Mad River Outlaws

Submitted by kitti (02 August 2007)
Crazy Joe and the Mad River Outlaws have been dedicated purveyors of early American Rock'n'Roll and Rockabilly ever since their inception in 2000 in beautiful downtown Enon, OH. Founded by "Crazy" Joe Tritschler and "Hep Cat" Matt Duffey, their mission has always been to put Enon, OH on the map for reasons other than potato cannons...

Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers

Submitted by officialcrazycavanfa (11 January 2010)
History It was during the early sixties that the popularity of Rock 'n' Roll music was at it's lowest. 1960 saw the media pushing sloppy Bobbie and Frankie type crap and watered down Elvis look-alikes, etc., until the explosion of the Liverpool Beat groups came and everything. Amongst teenagers at this time, to...

Coy Dogs, The

Submitted by shaggy (17 November 2009)
The Coy Dogs was esablished in 1998. The guys have been togther more than 11 years and still gigging strongly. Recently playing at Ace cafe, Cheserfield Rock'n'roll Club, Crondall Rock'n'roll Club, at the 6th TeddyBoy Reunion at Canvey Island. The band started with four of them: Paul McCrae - lead singer and rythm guitarist,...

Cobras, The

Submitted by cliff (23 September 2011)
The Cobras formed in 1986 and are based in Essex. They have had several record releases on Fury and Venom Records and play a set containing mostly rockabilly. The original line up was: Dave Thomas - Bass & Vocals Cliff Bassett - Lead Guitar & Vocals Dave Ward - Rhythm Guitar Eric Swain - Drums...

Christian D And The Hangovers

Submitted by christiand135 (21 January 2009)
"From the Rawk music collective of Toronto's psychobilly nightlife comes a full-force, cow-punk movement known as Christian D & the Hangovers. The Hangovers kick their own brand of artfully crafted rockabilly into full overdrive when they hit the stage or studio, beating up every eardrum and instrument in their path. Drinking meets death (as they often...

Chris Almoada & The Broken Hearts

Submitted by jeff (12 December 2011)
Chris Almoada is a singer and guitar player who has been performing since the late 1970s. He belongs to the first generation of European artists to embrace rockabilly. In 1972, at the age of 11, Chris began playing boogie-woogie and ragtime on the piano. That same year, he discovered the rock íní roll music of...


Submitted by chicknband (12 March 2009)
Chick'n'Band started out in 1995 upon an event dedicated to the 60th anniversary of Jerry Lee Lewis, the world's most legendary rock'n'roll star. Jerry Lee Lewis has been the role model for the singer and pianist of the band Andu Kűiv, nicknamed "Tibu" ("Chicken"), hence the name of the band. Despite studying percussion instruments at the...
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