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The Tremors

Submitted by rockabilly_girl (18 February 2008)
Listen, if you dare, to a story so bizarre that it has been known to make women faint and grown men shriek in terror. Out of a time-rotted tomb crawls an unspeakable horror, the Tremors, the Scourge of the South. The dark and twisted tale of the Tremors begins in 1957, when AWOL marine and cough...

Three Bad Jacks

Submitted by rockabilly_girl (10 March 2007)
A little wheeling and dealing at the crossroads, a quick slap to an upright bass and a smokin’ beat. Add to the mix the guitar chops of Elvis Suissa and Three Bad Jacks music comes in to stretch the borders of rock. Three Bad Jacks are the bastard sons of rock and roll greats like Elvis...

Tornado Alleycats

Submitted by rockabilly_girl (11 April 2007)
A traditional, drummerless, rockin’ trio, with an affinity for the wild sounds of the 50s - the Alleycats formed in the “wild west” of Australia, in August 2006, when Jay & Andy (Salt Flat Trio) teamed up with ex-Howlin' Moondoggies frontman Marco. Since then, the boys have developed a special chemistry, and they’ve been tearin’...

Trash Hombres

Submitted by rockabilly_girl (15 August 2007)
Trash Hombres: it’s in the name itself: trash played by real men. The sordid rockabilly and the rancid rhythm and blues as played by the four “hombres”, who fanatically and full of devotion press upon the public, have only one purpose: to make a great evening for band and audience. Rasyif Kremer on drums and Mark...


Submitted by kitti (25 May 2008)
In 2006 one the most successful rockabilly bands in Estonia, The Jumpin Wheels (, stopped playing music. They used to perform in Finland, Spain (where they have realeased their CD "Hot Rod Mama" on Cab Records), Holland and Russia. In 2002 they backed up Johnny Powers for his tour in Finland. So by the end...


Submitted by rockabilly_girl (03 August 2007)
The Band Who ever said that a band with pompadour haircuts and a Gretch wielding American had to wear lucky dice around their necks and spend their time covering “Twenty Flight Rock”? Well, the TriSonics don’t. Though Dims’ drumming is sometimes reminiscent of Elvis’ Las Vegas era, he looks like a hippie! The guy on bass...

Twangmasters, The

Submitted by pcouser (21 February 2011)
Red hot rockin' UK based band with too many influences to mention. Fast, gaining a rep, for being an electrifying live act, which manage to blend the old with the new. With a seriously rockin cd "All Broke Down" out now with a free 10 track DVD both full of songs written by the band. Recently...

Two Timin' Four, The

Submitted by kitti (18 September 2007)
The Two Timin' Four portray their suffering and yearning through a fiery myriad of rock'n'roll, pop, jazz, and punk roots with influences rarely found in modern music. Still in their early 20's they've dedicated the last several years inventing their "hard-to-describe" sound, performing vigorously around the US and Europe. Formerly known as The...
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