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Stockmen, The

Submitted by stockmen (06 April 2009)
Found in 1999 by Taras Trofimov and Serge Misharin, the Stockmen started as a band with authentic 50's rockabilly sound and lyrics inspired mostly by horror b-movies. In 2000 Andy Poluektov has joined the band as a bass-guitar player, but later on switched to the double-bass. The Stockmen has released debut CD "Blow Out"...

Sue Moreno

Submitted by rockabilly_girl (21 March 2007)
Sue Moreno was raised in a home full of music. At age 15, she was singing in her first band. A few years later she was performing on America’s Eastcoast. After her return to homeland the Netherlands she started working as a background singer and formed her band Susan When She Tried. Sue obtained...

Suzy Q & Her Be-bop Boys

Submitted by kitti (01 August 2007)
Suzy Q & Her Be-Bop Boys have an authentic 1950's Rockabilly sound, much like the wild records made by Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps with Cliff Gallup's crazy guitar sound. They have been playing around Southern California for about 2 years and are comprised of veteran musicians. Suzy Dughi, Bass/vocals and Buddy Dughi,...
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