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Miss Lauren Marie

Submitted by kitti (11 September 2007)
Miss Lauren Marie hails from Cape Cod, Massachusetts - a place that isn't really known for turning out rockabilly and honky tonk singers. But she's an exception. She's influenced by Janis Martin, Elvis Presley, Kay Starr, Johnny Burnette, and Patsy Cline. And although she'd been singin' in the shower and around the house for...

Miss Pearl And The Rough Diamonds

Submitted by misspearl (07 August 2013)
Female fronted band with miss pearl (although we all sing) that plays a high tempo rockabilly set playing our own material plus covers from wanda Jackson ruth brown johhny burnette etc we are based in the west midlands but would be willing to travel for right gig new EP is soon coming out featuring 4 tracks...

Mississippi Queen

Submitted by rockabilly_girl (30 June 2007)
MISSISSIPPI QUEEN is the oldest, true-to-a-rockabilly-bone rockabilly drumless trio in Croatia. Founded in late 1988 by Karlo Starcevic and some other hepcats those days, they soon started playing around the Zagreb area - this is not a beer factory, but capitol city - eventually forming that unique slappin sound provided by Jurica`s bass. Here one has...

Mr. Nobody

Submitted by nobody (04 March 2009)
Mr. Nobody was formed in the early 21st century. The music this Finniash band is playing is modern Rockabilly with a touch of blues and country. The guys are keen on playing gigs, making their own original songs and recordings. Most of the time they are having gigs in Finland, but they are looking forward to...

Muleskinners, The

Submitted by owen (30 October 2010)
The Muleskinners are pretty wild and put enormous energy into their shows. Brilliant early rock 'n roll played sweaty, dirty and satisfyingly loud. Kick-Ass good time rockabilly, toe-tapping, 'makes-ya-wanna-dance', skiffle washboard and thumpin' upright double-bass. Guaranteed a rip-roaring nite of rockabilly-hillbilly-boogie. A repertoire of raw 1940's and 50's swing and boogie. ...

Myles & the Lognshots

Submitted by raisingscarlet (29 September 2012)
Myles & the Lognshots - based out of Austin, TX - is a modern musical exploration influenced by 50's Rock & Roll, Rhythm & Blues, and Rockabilly. It's the latest band from the husband and wife team of Tammy and Mike Myles, built on a foundation of rockabilly and roots rock; then mixing in helpings...

Mystery Train

Submitted by mysterytrain77 (21 January 2009)
Mystery Train has been steaming down the track since 1977, being one of the oldest active rockabilly bands in Finland. In September 1977 Ari Hanninen(bass) and Pete Makkonen (guitar) started to play with various drummers: Go Daddies was formed. Permanent drummer Pauli "Pate" Peni joined the band in October 1978. Next year Ari bought...
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