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Johnny Menphis

Submitted by johnnymenphis (18 January 2009)
Johnny is slightly different from the most, playing a bit of country, blues, rockabilly, but more important is being himself. Originally playing double bass for the "Rednecks" and "Tj and the Belvue Bombers", he is currently fronting The Texas Stars and has recently resarected his old line up Menphis Blue. Johnny Menphis & the...

Johnny Menphis Trio, The

Submitted by johnnymenphis (06 March 2009)
The Johnny Menphis Trio is an English band, who are playing hot jump rockabilly. TattoTony - on drums and hitting things. The band line up is relatively new but all members have been rockin' on the scene for about eighty years. Johnny used to be a bass player and a front man for the notorious Redneks,...

Juke Joint Gamblers

Submitted by jukejointgamblers (13 March 2007)
We are just three guys from Portland, OR who like making Rock 'n' Roll music. Come check us out live.

Jussi Syren And The Groundbreakers

Submitted by kitti (07 August 2007)
Jussi Syren And The Groundbreakers was formed in 1995. It is one of the few true working bluegrass groups outside of the United States. Besides having a heavy touring schedule in their native Finland, The Groundbreakers have performed in United States, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and Holland. Their recordings have got great reviews in music media...
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