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Bobby Poe And The Poe Kats

Submitted by bobbypoejr (22 May 2011)
Bobby Poe and The Poe Kats - Rockabilly Hall of Famers from the 1950's - were one of the first interracial Rock and Roll groups. The Poe Kats featured legendary African American piano player Big Al Downing and renowned lead guitarist Vernon Sandusky. In 1956 when Bobby Poe started the band, Big Al and Vernon were...


Submitted by breathless (19 September 2009)
Breathless is a pure explosive Rockabilly band that combines Neo -Rockabilly and Teddy Boy sound with 50's originals and Doo-Wop. The group started playing at 2003 and after releasing their first two songs ("What To Do!" and "Out Of Your Door") in two compilation albums on July 2008 their debut album "FIRST TAKE" was released from...

Brenda Lee

Submitted by kitti (24 October 2009)
Brenda Lee was born Brenda Mae Tarpley in the charity ward of Grady Memorial Hospital, part of the Emory University Hospital complex, in Atlanta, Georgia, the second daughter of Rubin and Grace Tarpley. Her father, a carpenter and semi-professional baseball player was killed in a construction accident in 1953. In 1962, during a Jackie Wilson...


Submitted by rockabilly_girl (20 June 2007)
The Bricats were formed in the early 1990´s by the brothers Günter (Guitars & Vocals) and Herbert Öller (Double Bass & Vocals) and their school mate Neven Klacic (Drums & Vocals). They played a lot of parties and school-dances back then and soon they were offered to appear regularly at an American 50´s Diner. During...

Brigitte Handley

Submitted by rockabilly_girl (11 March 2007)
Tales of vampyric love, alienation, self-empowerment and individual expression… Brigitte's songs are voiced with a deep, dark-edged sword, full of a presence and attitude that is not to be crossed. Ranging from a full-force rockin' attack, dripping down to a rich, sombre low delivered with a solemn vow of determination. The sharp lipstick twang of...

Buddy Holly Tribute Band

Submitted by hihosilver (02 July 2008)
A live tribute to Buddy Holly & The Crickets consists of experienced musicians who have been also playing in the numerous rock'n'roll bands in The Netherlands and having the same passion to Buddy Holly music. With their line up they are trying to recreate the original one of the Cricets (with double bass en Fender Stratocaster)....

Buick 55s, The

Submitted by thebuick55s_steve (31 March 2008)
The Buick 55's is a four piece 1950s style Rockabilly / Rock n Roll band from Scotland. They not only play covers by great singers and bands such as the Bill Haley, Eddie Bond, Johnny Powers, Sammy Masters, Gene Vincent, Johnny Burnette etc.. but also write and perform a lot of their own material as well....
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