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Karling Abbeygate

Submitted by kitti (07 December 2008)
Karling Abbeygate is an enigma. One might, and understandably so, assume that she hails from Texas or Memphis, since her "twang" is tweaked to perfection. But this is not the case. She's from Norwich, a small town in the English countryside. Yet how can this be? Her voice drips with authenticity as she bleeds out those...


Submitted by kitti (21 March 2008)
The Keytones formed in 1983: James Knowler, Cliff Marshall and Jarrod Coombes. Jim and Jarrold had been playing together for just over a year with Jimís cousin Andy Knowler. They used to play lots of early Elvis, Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran songs and were called The Rocking Trio. The Keytones began playing in small...

Kieron Mcdonald

Submitted by kmcd (01 September 2009)
Kieron McDonald is better known as the frontman for Melbourne's Rockabilly outfit the Flatfoot Shakers. He was born and raised in Australia spending most of his life growing up in the seaside town of Rye in southern Victoria. He spent many a night as a young nipper listening to his Dad's old Country records which led...

Kim Lenz

Submitted by kitti (08 February 2009)
Female singers at the forefront of the rockabilly movement can be counted on one hand - Wanda Jackson and Janis Martin are probably the two most famous - but add to that list one red-hot (tressed) lady from Dallas who fronts one of the most-talked-about combos of that genre: Kim Lenz and her Jaguars. Daughter...

Koma Katz

Submitted by rockabilly_girl (17 April 2007)
Koma Katz were formed in Brighton 2005, when Ronnie Rowsell was asked by a bassist calling himself 'The Phantom' to help him form a psychobilly band. Ronnie hooked him up with his mates Tom Elliot and Craig Binding and they played their first show in december 2005 with The Peacocks and soon recorded their first demo....


Submitted by krocats (03 September 2007)
Krocats were formed in 2005 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The band try to to bring back the sound of 1950's with wild energy and passion in their music. Their influences are: Elvis Presley, Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Carl Perkins, Stray Cats, Johnny Burnette and other greats. ...
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