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United Kingdom
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I love going to RnR events with my dad; i've been going since i have been 4. Love dancing, only wish i had a partner to go into competitions with. I enjoy going to all day events through-out the UK and hopefully sometime soon, abroad too!
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I have a fair few fav bands. First off, The Jets; i seen these when i attended my first RnR due, loved them ever since, such an enetertaining band, aswell as being such a good group! Second, The Wildkatz; these were known as Trevours Wildkatz, as there are two bands with the same name, only difference, one ended with a 'z' and the other 's'. To me they were amazing, with all the energy that they produced whilst on stage! Thirdly, The Jive Aces! Well what can i say? If you havent been to one of their events, you are seriously missing out! They do a mixture of 40's and 50's, ranging from Louis Prima to Big Joe Turner. They are the UK's No.1 Swing & Jive Band. 6 peice band dressed in yellow with Ian on his Uke, what more could you want! :D
Well, i am Christina, i'm 18 and originally from Manchester but i am currently living on the Wirral. As you might see, i am very into my rock 'n' roll. I love everything from the music to clothes from the 40s and 50s, whether it be pencil skirts, petticoats or rockabilly jeans! Often my friends say i am from the wrong era, and to be rather honest, i do too! I have a boyfriend that isnt really into the same music as me, although he does like a bit from what i have shown him. I am on the verg, i would say, of converting him! All i need to do now is dress him up and take him to an event :P Anyway, if you would like to know more, feel free to email, or add me on my msn :)
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